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STD Testing

STD Testing

STD testing is a medical service that involves testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The testing process typically involves a physical exam, blood or urine samples, and swabbing the genital area. The most common STIs include chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV, and HIV. Getting tested regularly for STIs is important for sexually active individuals to protect their own health and prevent the spread of infections to others. Many STIs are asymptomatic, which means that an individual can have an infection without showing any symptoms. Early detection and treatment of STIs can prevent long-term health complications, including infertility and certain types of cancer. STD testing is confidential, and Smart Choice providers can offer counseling and resources for prevention and treatment.



Return policy

At our clinic, we value our patients and want to ensure their satisfaction with our dermal filler services. If for any reason a patient is not completely satisfied with their dermal filler treatment, Patients may return to the clinic within two weeks of their initial treatment for a complimentary follow-up appointment. During this appointment, our experienced staff will evaluate the results of the treatment and address any concerns or issues the patient may have. If necessary, additional filler may be added or dissolved at no additional cost to the patient. Our priority is to ensure that our patients feel confident and happy with their dermal filler treatment.

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